Sunday, April 15, 2012

Bacon-Spinach Campanelle w/Goat Cheese and Apples

Bacon-Spinach Campanelle w/Goat Cheese and Apples

Having a blog is very challenging when it comes to creating new content. I’d really like to repeat some of my favorite and best dishes, but I am determined to bring you new stuff. It’s difficult to change things up though.

You’re going to see some variations of recipes. This dish is a great example...

How about bacon, spinach and apples with pasta and goat cheese?


It’s a pasta “salad” with a twist.

What You Will Need:
1 lb campanelle pasta
2 oz goat cheese w/ honey
1 large apple, peeled and diced (Granny Smith)
7-8 slices of TURKEY bacon
10 oz fresh baby spinach
2 T light raspberry vinaigrette (recommend Girard’s)
large pot
large bowl
cutting board
slotted spoon
sharp knife
non-stick skillet

1) Cook pasta according to package directions. (Cook it in two batches to avoid overflow)
2) Drain pasta and cool with cold water. Set aside.
Extra crispy

3) Heat skillet over medium-high heat. Add bacon (also in two batches) and cook until crispy. Crumble bacon to speed up cooling.
4) Cook spinach in skillet over medium heat in fat from bacon. Set aside to cool. (Spread out to speed up cooling.)
Just so spinach wilts and takes in flavor of bacon.

5) Mix pasta, spinach, bacon, apples and dressing to large bowl. Crumble goat cheese and stir.

Mix until goat cheese covers all of the ingredients.

6) Serve with sautéed broccoli and bread.



MightyCaseyMedia said...

Yum. You just reminded me I haven't eaten anything today - I'm feeling some goat cheese & broccoli coming on =)

Strategy Plan One said...

Awesome pics and recipe... thanks for Sharing

Future Power Generation said...

Delicious recipe! Thanks for sharing Becky! Have a great new week! Best, Lucas

AJ said...

This is an excellent recipe. Thanks for constructing this post and for sharing.

Wayne Mansfield said...

Too early here in Karratha Western Australia to be eating goats cheese... but will have some crispy bacon for breakfast sson

Sia A said...

Oh this looks so good!

Mary Miller said...

Looks delicious! Great idea for dinner!

RealWorldMom said...

This looks *so* good! I was already hungry, not even more so!

Heather Lynne said...

COngrats on being VoiceBoks number 1 Foodie Blogger! I've been a reader of your blog for a while but now I'm officially a follower. Congratulations again!

The Budget Diet said...'s that sweet & salty combination that I crave! Honey flavored goat cheese sounds amazing!

Karen Dawkins said...

You had me at bacon!!!! YUM!

Pamela said...

This looks so good.

Jinnia Low said...

This looks really really good! What a creative combination, I look forward to trying this. Visiting from vB, nice to meet you :)


Susan said...

This looks amazing! I'm assuming you serve it lukewarm/room temp? Will definitely give it a try.

ReviewsSheROTE Pamela R said...

looks pretty good to me!! My hubby is NOT big on cold meals -but it would make a great lunch for me one afternoon if I cut the recipe in half =)

Diane Balch said...

You have so many interesting flavors going on in this recipe. I can't wait to try it. Please share this on my foodie friday linky today and I will pin it too.

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