Thursday, March 6, 2014

Four things to love about your kitchen

For many of us, the kitchen really is at the centre of the home. We spend a lot of time there with friends, family and partners, making food and making memories. Here are five reasons that your kitchen is essential to your home.

1.    It’s a family space

Many of us fondly remember particular kitchens from childhood. Whether it’s the smell of baking bread in your grandmother’s kitchen or finger painting with brothers and sisters at the kitchen table, it’s invariably a child-friendly room. Traditional kitchen design includes lots of easy-to-clean surfaces, bright colours, and plenty of light. It’s a place for the family to come together at the beginning and end of each day, a place for homework, baking lessons, arts and crafts, or birthday parties. In years to come, our own children and grandchildren will undoubtedly look back at happy hours spent in the kitchen.

2.    It’s a social space

Some social events call for a formal setting. For a graduation dinner or engagement party, many people will choose to eat out in a high-end restaurant. That said, for lots of social occasions, the kitchen is a perfect location. Whether it’s a gossip with a friend over coffee, a long dinner with friends and wine or a relaxed evening meal with your partner, the kitchen can be a relaxing pace, with none of the pressure or convention that goes along with a fancy atmosphere.

3.    It’s a creative space

Cooking is a very important outlet for many people. It’s a means of self-expression, a way to nourish the family, to create a romantic atmosphere, or to impress the in-laws. For many of us, making a warm meal at the end of a long day is an essential way to unwind. Since you spend so much time in your kitchen, cooking and eating, it should reflect who you are. Bespoke kitchen design allows you to fit your kitchen around your needs, style and personality. Whether it’s a chrome, glass and breakfast bar look, perfect for a busy professional, or a warm and rustic design for the more homely, the kitchen is worth investing in.

4.    It’s an adaptable space

Most keen cooks dream of one day having a spacious and airy kitchen with all the utensils and gadgets they can imagine. However, the reality (particularly in apartments) is often quite different. But there’s no reason that a small kitchen can’t be exciting. Clever use of space will allow plenty of storage. Consider, for example, attaching a strong magnetic strip to the wall and attaching your knives. It’s trendy and unconventional, but also frees up counter space. Or set up an ideas board with pictures, notes, favourite poems and quotes. Even if you don’t have a clear design plan, the kitchen will often take on its own identity with the accumulation of finger paintings, fridge magnets, food processors and fruit bowls. Seeing a person’s kitchen is often a bit like peeking into their life story.

Author bio: Mary Fox is an experienced copywriter living in the North of England, specialising in writing blogs and online articles based within the realm of kitchen design, using websites such as for research.


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