Spicy Feta Hummus Sandwich

After all of the credit was given to the Hubs, I made one heck of a veggie sandwich for lunch today. Maybe I was jealous that the banana pudding was uber-popular! You guys loved his recipe. I don’t blame you. I had some more “pudding” tonight for dessert.

Curry Burger With Chutney Topping

“Uh, we’ll see, “ I say scrambling to get it together. We’ve just gotten home after a trip to the mall and bookstore. The anxiety from it all has taken over and I haven’t a clue what we’re having.

Fiesta Chicken Burgers

We love Burger Night. I enjoy introducing different taste combinations than the typical beef pattie with ketchup.

Feta Stuffed Quinoa Burgers

The first time I attempted to make quinoa burgers, I liked ‘em. They were ok. They weren’t awesome. I made them again tonight while I had the kitchen to myself. No one knew that what I was making.

Fiesta Veggie Burgers

I was a teensy bit selfish when I found the recipe for dinner last night. I knew I would instantly love it, but the others would take some major convincing.

Chicken Pesto Burger

I LOVE these burgers and could not wait to share them with you! All of us gobbled these up in no time and were extremely satisfied.

Quinoa Burgers

We ate lunch at a local spot recently that specializes in vegetarian delights. My husband tried their quinoa burger!

North Carolina Style Burger

Eating the same old hamburger can be so boring. I’ve been experimenting by making different sliders, such as the Grilled Chicken and Apple Sliders and the Quinoa Burgers.

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