Carolina Creole and then some

I love Sunday nights these days. My husband has dedicated Sundays to his cooking night for the rest of his life. Yes, you read that correctly.

Piccolini With Crumbled Sausage and Grapes Revisited

I revisited this beautiful dish because I remembered really enjoying the combination of the grapes with the sausage. The spinach was an added pizzazz this times.

Quick Shepherd’s Pie

My husband looked so sad last night while pacing in the kitchen. He’d open the fridge and stare and then he’d stand in front of the pantry with his shoulders down and a frown.

Becky’s Blue Plate Special

Just when I thought I couldn’t find an easier recipe, I came across one using salad dressing, soup and preserves. I didn’t like the variety used in the example

Hot Potato Casserole

Here we go… I made this next recipe to take as a side dish to a family/friend outing recently. It was ok, but I needed more salt.

Easy Slow Cooker Ham

This ham was a slam-dunk at our house for several reasons. The sauce was unbelievable and a perfect compliment for the ham.

Creamy Chipotle Tacos

It’s the last dish from my Campbell’s Skillet Sauces series. The week ended on a tasty note. When deciding how to prepare the last meal in the best way,

Cheesy Cranberry Chicken Tacos

While on the subject of leftovers (see my meatballs from yesterday) I decided to treat myself to more from the fridge this evening.

Autumn Risotto

I had to think quickly what I could throw these in to capture the flavor, but not let them take over. A couple of people aren’t huge fans of them in my family.

Spicy Fish Tacos

I’ve already posted about fish tacos before, but the joy of tacos is that they are versatile. Some people shy away from fish because they are uncertain of the quality.

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