It took my husband and me way toooooo much time to come up with the name for this dish. I asked for some help for a creative name and this is what he came up with. He really wanted to call it the Cabbage Taco because I put way too much cabbage in it, but I told him I’d reduce the amount in the recipe. He doesn’t think I’m really going to use the name he came up with, but I thought I’d honor him. 🙂
But seriously, this is really delicious. If you reduce the amount of cabbage, you’ll have a meatier taco. I tend to go heavy on the veggies because I’m a vegetarian at heart. The original recipe was very vague, so I went with my gut. My gut happened to be wrong last night. We have lots of leftovers.

(Note: Cuisinart did not pay me to talk about their Smart Stick. I would love for them too though. I absolutely love this thing. I will take this opportunity to thank my parents for giving me this for Christmas. It’s one of my new favorite kitchen tools!)