I found a box of prepared polenta in the pantry that must have been from my crazy shopping trip pre-holidays. I also had some frozen chicken breast tenders in the freezer. Time for an Italian feast!! The kids are huge fans of this prepared polenta from when the hubs made dinner over the summer.

Chicken and Polenta With Bacon and Tomato Sauce DSCN4530

I think I told you about his amazing grilled tuna and polenta perfection in this post. He nearly charred the polenta, which gave it a nice crispiness. Mine wasn’t nearly as crunchy, but it had a nice consistency.

Chicken and Polenta With Bacon and Tomato Sauce DSCN4534

Back to tonight’s fantastic dish though… This was a great dish that was very semi-homemade, but it was still fantastic! I coated the chicken in flour and seasoning, pan fried it and served it over the polenta with some homemade tomato sauce. Dynamite! I even added some bread to the plates to help sop up the extra tomato sauce.

Bring on the carbs 2013!