This ham was a slam-dunk at our house for several reasons.  The sauce was unbelievable and a perfect compliment for the ham.  The ham was reasonably priced and lasted us for two dinners and lunch this week.


I first came across the idea to make ham from this clever new social network where you can find discounts on food and drinks.  After browsing the internet for flavorful recipes using ham, I revisited my brilliant BHG app on my iPad.  I found their “Cherry Cola Ham.”  Never lets me down.


I was a little skeptical at first when the original recipe recommended using cherry cola.  I don’t drink soft drinks, so why should I put it in my food or my family’s food for that matter.  When I read along it sounded too good to pass up and I knew it would be an easy sell to the kids in the house.  Ham, cola, brown sugar? Come on.  I left out the horseradish until I reserved some of the sauce for the kids.  This is one dish you should serve time and time again.  It would be perfect for entertaining a crowd.  Add some sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes, green beans and dinner rolls and you’ve got a nice holidays meal!