I am so lucky and blessed to have family who appreciates food as much as I do.  Does that sound strange?  It’s not supposed to.


Here’s the deal.  My husband has been cooking dinner for the kids and me every Sunday night since mid-summer.  It’s been wonderful and very helpful.  I’ve pretty much had an entire weekend without having to worry about what is for dinner.


I know being a food blogger I shouldn’t have these worries because I should love food all of the time, but we all hit that point.  In fact I’ve hit it several times during the lifetime of Not Your Ordinary Recipes.  It’s no big deal.  I accept it and move on.  We have repeat dishes or I thaw something that I made way too much of a month before.  The kids are used to it by now and my husband is ok too.  I’m probably harder on myself than anyone.  The guilt sets in that I can’t think of anything for dinner and bam, I start thawing something.


I’m not saying I don’t love food all of the time, I run out of ideas and I get tired of stuff.  There’s only so much chicken one can eat.  I hit the equivalent to the writers’ block but it is recipes for me.


So now my hero, my husband makes dinner when I really don’t feel like it and I am blessed.  He saves the day.


Not only am I lucky to have this amazing husband who loves food, but I also have some awesome family across the States over in Denver who appreciate it too.  They’ve inspired many dinners in this house, especially since they are a Gluten-free family.  I think of them often when creating my Gluten-free dishes.  Trust me you will soon hear more about my brother and sister-in-law when they launch their incredible SnootyGlutie app for iPhones.  Go sign up for the beta!

Gluten-free Brunswick Stew DSCN5294

SnootyGlutie is an application for your phone that will eliminate issues such as mine when running out of dinner options.  They will provide Gluten-free recipes that are proven delicious by their users as well as introduce you to restaurants across the globe that make gluten-free dishes!  How cool, right?


My brother was generous to share one of his most popular Gluten-Free dishes with my husband to make for us this past weekend.  Introducing Matty D’s Brunswick Stew!  (My husband stuck with the recipe as far as staying Gluten-free, but he added his own touch to it as well.)