The kids inspired my idea for dinner. I wanted them to walk into the house after playing in the sunshine and sit down without complaining about what was on their plate. Hamburger Helper was my pick.

Without the box of premixed seasoning, I needed to use what I had on hand to make this dish. It was very simple. I’m not sure I’ve eaten Hamburger Helper since I was five years old, but it was a flavor that I could never forget.

TexMex Pasta Bake 02

I don’t think my mom served it to us all of the time, but it had a distinct taste. The kids would love something like it and I wanted to prepare something with they would eat. The clever person who came up with the Hamburger Helper recipe must have done what I did tonight; I threw a bunch of random stuff together. Long story short, there are no leftovers.

TexMex Pasta Bake 03