My kids have reached a new point in their eating habits. If you’ve been following my blog, you know that a long time ago they were not picky. I was proud to feed them just about anything. This is no longer the case.

BUT, I refuse to cook two different dinners every night. I’m stubborn and I just won’t do it. When I was a child I vaguely remember this time of my life, but I distinctly remember sitting at the dinner table until I ate everything I was told to eat. We were not allowed to get up until we drank all of our milk and we at least at all of our vegetables.

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My parents were very good about teaching us the importance of nutrition. We knew vegetables were good for us, but it was so hard to eat them all. My brother taught me to pinch my nose because that would take the flavor away while eating my broccoli.

I’m now witnessing my own children practicing these same tricks.

I have my own tricks though. Heh, heh. And if this doesn’t work, I’m going to consider purchasing a portable dishwasher for them to take to their rooms. 😉