My Kind of Calzone

We’re back on track with the Complimentary Menu#1 and tonight we’re having a superb-tasting calzone. This baby is full of ingredients that we kind of used in other stuff too

Gourmet Italian Pepperoni Calzone

Parents, here’s your answer to feeding spinach to your little ones! Now I know it’s not entirely healthy, but it’s not filled with a bunch of artificial preservatives. It’s very wholesome and there’s no extra oil used.

One Cheesy Calzone

I wanted to make something that was as close to pizza as possible, but not pizza. This way I could please everyone and also sneak in some greens at the same time.

Two Way Pizza

We have a house full of any kind of pizza-lovers, which is fortunate for us because the toppings are endless! The oldest loves to stand on the step ladder while we create our scrummy masterpieces.

Pizza Joes

The kitchen sink needed some repairs at home and someone decided to make them at the same time as dinner. No complaints here because we’re just happy it’s fixed.

Prosciutto, Pesto and Mozzarella Pizza

Pizza night doesn’t always have to be shredded cheese, pepperoni and tomato sauce. Mix it up every now and then.

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