Toasted Sesame Pork

It’s Day 3 of cooking with the Campbell’s Skillet Sauces that were delivered to our house this week. So far so good. All three have been fantastic and surprisingly delicious

Asian Glazed Pork Chops

The only thing wrong with these was that the pork chops were very small. Next time I’ll buy much more… I must have been in La La Land when I picked the pork out of the meat counter.

Red Curry Pork over Saffron Cardamom Rice

When I was browsing through the grocery store, I came across those prepared Indian sauces. I could not bring myself to buy such an expensive jar.

Grilled Pork With Strawberry Sauce

As I entered the kitchen this night, my intention was to grill some pork and slop it over a bed of lettuce with some chopped strawberries.

Slow Cooked Pork Spring Rolls

We still haven’t been able to make the trek back to our favorite Vietnamese restaurant. We really miss it because they make incredible platters that are fun to put together! The food is so tasty and the atmosphere is fabulous!

Pork Chops With Hoisin Reduction

I have to completely honest with you. When I bought this meat from the store, I was intending to grill more kabobs. I opened the fridge to start prepping this late afternoon and realized these were “bone-in” chops.

Skillet Sweet and Sour Pork

This one is a real winner, folks! I didn’t have to beg my kids to try it. They saw the pineapple on their plates and dug right in and ate the pork too! I was so happy! I am still so happy.

Pork Chops with Chokes and Shrooms

This was an awesome quick dish that filled our bellies with lots of substance. I’m proud to say we all enjoyed this one. Mushrooms are ok, but when you pair them with artichokes they are sensational.

Pulled Pork Tacos #Justcan’tgetenough

Crockpot this pork. There’s nothing fancy or strange about it. It works and it’s perfectly delicious. The pork is cooked exactly how you want it to be. It’s tender and far from dry. Shredding it with two forks is effortless.

Grilled Pork With Mustard Lime Sauce

One lonely lime sat in my fridge all week. It was meant for guacamole, but the avocados didn’t make it. The menu plan kind of went south.

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