Cocoa Chili

Time to bring back another slow-cooker dish! I can’t help it. Making these types of dinner eases up the stress throughout the week and I can blame the slow-cooker when they aren’t good! Right?

Sweet Lentil Chili

If you are looking for a hearty vegetarian dish that is perfect for this time of year, you’re going to love this one. It wholesome and tasty! I call it “chili” because it has a consistency that is similar to most.

Chili Verde

I made this chili before the blog, but I decided to include it. The recipe makes plenty of leftovers, so my husband thawed this for dinner the other night.

Foodie Friday #8 and Mole Chili

I love making chili. It’s so easy and it’s so good, especially when it’s Fall. My recipe has nothing out of this world in it, but it is delish. It’s very close to a mole sauce I’ve eaten at a nearby Mexican joint.

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