Crockpot Honey Sesame Chicken

Hello fans of Not Your Ordinary Recipes! I’m Cathy, from A Peek Into My Paradise. I am super excited to be sharing a tasty crockpot recipe, perfect for summer, when we all want more time to spend having fun with our friends and family!

Cocoa Chili

Time to bring back another slow-cooker dish! I can’t help it. Making these types of dinner eases up the stress throughout the week and I can blame the slow-cooker when they aren’t good! Right?

Easy Slow Cooker Ham

This ham was a slam-dunk at our house for several reasons. The sauce was unbelievable and a perfect compliment for the ham.

Savory Orange Chicken

I think we all grew up with a version of this classic dish. I know Orange Chicken was a staple in our house because it went a long way and all of us enjoyed it

Melt In Your Mouth Pork Tacos

I have had a jar of apricot preserves in my fridge for quite some time.Instead of throwing it out, I wanted to use it. Apricot and Peanut Butter don’t sound good to me, so I searched for a recipe.

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