Thai Green Curry Chicken

Last weekend I received a package at my front door that told me it included Campbell’s Skillet Sauces. My daughter and I brought it to the kitchen and opened it up to find four different choices:

TexMex Pasta Bake

The kids inspired my idea for dinner. I wanted them to walk into the house after playing in the sunshine and sit down without complaining about what was on their plate. Hamburger Helper was my pick.

Sausage and Sundried Tomatoes over Angel Hair

This was probably one of my favorite meals and it was definitely the easiest. I know I give you a bunch of easy ones, but, really, this was the easiest. There were only 5 ingredients used!

Chicken and Bacon Roulade With Goat Cheese Stuffed Date

There are so many incredible flavors going on at once in this meal. It’s going to be hard to top this one the rest of the week. When you start browning the chicken roll, a nice bacon aroma fills the kitchen as you hear the juices sizzling from the dates.

Unbeatable Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies

I am alway in search for the absolute BEST oatmeal cookie. What makes them the best for me? They are crisp on the outside and soft inside.

Guilt Free Layer Dip

Happy Superbowl Sunday everyone!! To all of you out-of-towners, this is our “world cup”. I’m thoroughly enjoying watching the game, but especially the advertisements.

Pulled Pork Tacos #Justcan’tgetenough

Crockpot this pork. There’s nothing fancy or strange about it. It works and it’s perfectly delicious. The pork is cooked exactly how you want it to be. It’s tender and far from dry. Shredding it with two forks is effortless.

Cherry Mint Salad

I am LOVING this season! Sure it’s hot out – but I love being able to get fresh, organic, delicious ingredients right from my backyard, the farmers market, farm school, and the orchard.

Foodie Friday and A Different Chicken Curry

Last week I wanted to use up some ground chicken and potatoes that I had leftover in the fridge. The thought of some kind of curry came to mind,

Chicken and Polenta With Bacon and Tomato Sauce

I found a box of prepared polenta in the pantry that must have been from my crazy shopping trip pre-holidays. I also had some frozen chicken breast tenders in the freezer.

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